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BIOS by CasalgrandePadana


Bios belongs to the latest generation of ceramic elements that may be defined as the most advanced and innovative solution since:

● is the only ceramic material leading to a 99.9% reduction of the four main bacterial strains, as testified to by the certified data of the Microbiology Department of the University of Modena

● the antibacterial properties of bios.antibacterialceramics®, unlike other ceramic slabs, are inside the slab, not on the surface only. As a result they guarantee efficacy not only on the surface but also inside. Thanks to this property the product may also be used in conditions of heavy traffic or extreme wear, as such properties remain unchanged in time

● thanks to this innovative production process, bios.antibacterialceramics® is also available in the polished version; the manufacturing process entails the mechanical removal of the superficial part of the tile

● unlike other tiles resorting to different active principles, bios.antibacterialceramics® needs no light to work effectively and in case of moisture, i.e. traditionally fertile ground for bacterial flora to develop, its performance is further strengthened

● besides being extremely effective against mould, yeast and fungi, is totally harmless for human health and does not release toxic substances.
The active principle used is effective due to silver, a material commonly used in many everyday objects (cutlery, toothbrushes, coins, etc.) and whose antibacterial properties have been known for centuries

● provides a variety of aesthetic and arrangement solutions, as it is available in a comprehensive number of colours, sizes and surface finishes as the Granitogres, Padana Gres, Padana Plus line by Casalgrande Padana.
All products of the Bios line by Casalgrande Padana have specific (antibacterial) properties liable to obtain a significant score relating to the ID 1.1-1.4 “innovation in design” credit envisaged by the LEED certification

Find out more at www.biosinside.com

Written by Paul

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