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SOTTILE thin porcelain stoneware slabs 4,5mm by CasalgrandePadana

SOTTILE is an innovative line of last generation ceramic materials and includes fully vitrified porcelain stoneware slabs characterised by a reduced thickness of only 4.5 mm. Designed and manufactured according to the existing laws regarding technical performance, the SOTTILE porcelain stoneware ensures from several points of view the same performance as products with traditional thickness with the addition of lightness, versatility and flexibility, if employed in the adequate contexts and in the correct way (see page 16, 18 and 23).

The SOTTILE slabs are obtained through advanced industrial methods and are easy to process in terms of cutting and drilling.

SOTTILE is produced in the Pietre di Sardegna and Pietre Etrusche series of the Pietre Native line and comes in large cm 45×45, 45×90, 60×60, 60×120 slabs and fractions thereof, which may be combined with floors of the same series with traditional thickness, of which they maintain the same aesthetic, gauge and modularity features.

The SOTTILE slabs have been designed mainly to be used in restructuring works to simplify and rationalise floor and wall covering operations without removing pre-existing material; they may be used in all interventions requiring lightness and limited thickness.In residential, commercial and tertiary applications these ceramic components can ensure unprecedented design solutions not only from the viewpoint of functionality or technical performance but also at a compositional level.

In terms of aesthetic and design, the SOTTILE slabs are treated and processed like normal Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware slabs and, in addition to being combined with other elements of the same series, they can be used to cover walls, geometrically complex surfaces, architectural volumes, partition walls; similarly, they can be used as finished surfaces for workstations, tables, kitchens and bathrooms.

A further very interesting field of application envisages outdoor applications, where the SOTTILE slabs provide designers with innovative architectural and technological solutions to cover the façades of buildings, both new and to be restored, both by using adhesives on traditional supports and as external insulation.


Lightness and adjustability make them suitable for applications in terms of indoor finishes of large cruise ships and prestigious yachts.

From the ecological viewpoint, SOTTILE is an environmentally friendly product thanks to the smaller amount of raw materials and energy resources employed during its production and disposal processes.

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